{PICS} The Best of Walmart -2018



This puts walk of shame to shame. This is the redefinition of a toga party. This is all things wrong with Walmart shoppers these days. What makes you think you can walk into a Walmart wearing nothing but bed sheets. Did the thought ever cross your mind that there might be children at your local Walmart? Did it ever occur to you that there’s a good chance of you getting arrested for public indecency? Nope, probably not.





This woman used to have 3 grandkids, she clearly didn’t learn from the other plastic bag mishaps. Do you just not notice your granddaughter has a plastic bag over her head? You do seem distracted and possibly uncomfortable, most likely trying to find which aisle did they move your laxative to?




God only knows what else has gotten stuck in there. It looks like her a** is waiving a little white flag as if it surrenders and can’t take being gigantic anymore. Uncle, uncle it cries out in the aisle of Walmart, hoping someone will hear it and come to its rescue. Did anyone go up to the woman that day and gently tell her she had toilet paper sticking out of her pants, or did she walk around with it all day?




We can only think of a couple of scenarios where this woman’s pants got wet like this. Scenario 1: she accidentally sat in a koi pond. Scenario 2: she pi**ed herself on the way to the store. Luckily, it doesn’t really matter if the answer is 1 or 2 because, thankfully, Walmart sells both new pants and washing detergent.




We’ve heard of Grecian Formula but this, as they say, is ridiculous. What on Earth was this guy thinking, that we wouldn’t notice he used shoe polish all over his face and head? Oh, and neck too? Were you really thinking we’d think that your natural hair color was a sort of charcoal gray?




When we first looked at this image we thought this lady looked like a mannequin. What she was selling, we had no idea. Then we realized she was “real.” Here’s what she has going for her – she’s got really nice gams. Her legs look 20-30 years younger than her. The boobs are, of course, ridiculously fake, we don’t get the makeup and are fairly certain she has some weird bulge going on in her private part area.




Hmmm, so many words come to mind when we view this image, but perhaps the one that comes to mind most is N-A-S-T-Y. Just nasty that a human being could walk around the planet with her underwear and pants halfway down her a**, forcing the rest of the world to see her huge butt crack




These pants are so tight, they look like they are painted on this man’s legs. Actually, it appears to be a leotard. The pure insanity that this guy is wearing skin-tight tights, high white socks, and a doo-rag of all things just makes this Walmart shopper perfect for the list of wackiest Walmart shoppers of all time.




I guess pants are more of a suggestion at Walmart. A diaper and skirt is an acceptable outfit, right? This guy clearly ran out of all of his clean underwear and pants. So instead, he chose to borrow some bottoms from his three-year-old daughter and hoped that nobody would notice the difference… we noticed





Because butt cracks don’t have to be only for butts, right? This lovely lady wanted to walk on the wild side during her Walmart trip by showing off a little crack. Not in the traditional sense obviously, but she was clearly able to find an unconventional way of reinventing the meaning…




I guess a partial shirt is better than no shirt. Or maybe he got attacked by a dog on his way to go shopping. This fellow figured that crop tops were in this year and it might as well be a home-made crop top. He didn’t know anyone with a steady hand, but as long as all the important parts are covered up, nobody cares, right?

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